Baxylz - Epic Music Best Playlist

Hey this is Lucas aka Baxylz, the creator of the Epic Music Best Playlist.

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About the Playlist

6 years ago I was on YouTube when I stumbled across what everyone was calling “epic music”. I was taken aback by it and began listening non stop. That lead to me to epic music compilations. Although I enjoyed them, I found a problem. Many of these compilations didn’t seem to flow properly. They were hard to listen to for longer periods of time.

So I set out to fix that by creating a different epic music compilation. What I tried to do was include a proper balance between the louder songs and those that are quieter. I tried to transition the songs in a way that made it easy to listen to, so you could listen for hours without it feeling too much. And I tried to select songs that would make it feel like listening to a story.

The result is this ‘Epic Music Best Playlist’. It’s a collection of over 20 hours of carefully crafted epic music from Movies, TV, Video Games and amazing composers. I hope my playlist will help you study, write, relax and better yourself. 

Thank you for listening to my playlist and I wish you all the best.

-Lucas aka Baxylz